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Democratizing Climate Actions

A Community driven bottom-up approach to combat Climate Change that poses an existential threat to modern human. While all other climate actions are failing to meet the Paris agreement limit of containing global temperature hike under 1.5 degree, democratizing meaningful climate actions seem to be the only way forward. SAVE EARTH MISSION aims to inform critical masses about the impacts of climate change, empower them with the right tools and Inspire them to take charge of their carbon footprint. With a perfect amalgamation of mission objectives with innovative blockchain-based systems and crypto-based incentivisation for pro-environment behaviour, we make environmental action go further than ever before to help all to achieve Net-Zero.

YES World- The Environment Token

$YES is the native token for SAVE EARTH MISSION and represents the value unlocked by SAVE EARTH MISSION. As name suggests, $YES is born with a single objective to affirm the world's presence, say YES to the World! An innovative incentive system for positive environmental outcomes has a compounding impact when the empowered user learns how the positive climate actions bring him wealth through $YES in his portfolio. A user is always inspired to adopt greener lifestyle and move towards a low carbon economy. YES World is revolutionizing crypto space by perfect combination with community and climate actions, the 3 C's that are holy grail to #SaveEarth

Why YES Airdrop

We as community need to be stronger, wider and more vocal about climate actions. The onus is on each one of us now, to save mother Earth from the climate catastrophe, and we have a very small opportunity window to act. No one else but we will have to act ourselves to ensure a breathable atmosphere for our coming generations. And the time to act is now! SAVE EARTH MISSION strives to bring everyone under its mission to Save Earth. In order not to leave any stone unturned, we are giving $1 billion $YES for free through YES Airdrop to form a 10 million community to combat climate change. Incentives do work!

Unique Referral Program within Airdrop

First of its kind, simple and effective mechanism to create a strong community to combat climate change

10% Referral Tokens

Frequently Asked Questions

Airdrops involve blockchain-based projects and developers sending out free rewards in the form tokens to members of their communities. It’s mainly done to increase awareness about the project. User are required to perform some simple tasks like following FaceBook or Twitter handles of the project, promoting the project related content to make larger audience aware about the project. As more users join community, hundreds or thousands of different wallet addresses get the token, and get benefited by the token price appreciation.

YES AIRDROP is world’s first climate airdrop which means that it promotes environment friendly activities. The sole purpose of climate airdrop is to form a strong community of users who understands the impacts of climate change and are empowered to take the right climate actions towards sustainability.

YES Airdrop is mechanism to form a strong community for SAVE EARTH MISSION. YES Airdrop gives free Tokens and several other environment friendly rewards for free. Team behind YES Airdrop believes that when users have “skin in the game”, they are motivated to take actions to tackle the issues related to climate emergency.

Registering for YES Aidrop is very simple. You will see a participate now button above on this webpage which will take you to the registration screen. • You simply need to provide your name, mobile number, email address and country to register. • After the basic registration, you will need to perform some simple tasks on next page to promote SAVE EARTH MISSION • You will then get to the Spin the Wheel page, where you hit Spin button and you get eligible to get the reward as per the wheel stoppage. • You need to enter you BEP20 wallet address where you want to receive the YES Token.

Yes Airdrop subscribers get valuable YES WORLD Tokens as rewards when they claim. YES WORLD Token – symbol $YES, is a leading utility based token which is created on Binance Smart Chain. As utility token, YES WORLD enables users to not only hold the tokens for capital gains, but users can also user this to purchase various product and services worldwide.

Save Earth Mission is a community driven movement to combat climate emergency. Climate change is real than ever before, and has emerged as an existential threat to the modern human. Save Earth Mission believes that community driven bottom up approach is the only solution to the climate catastrophe. The mission strives to inspire each individual to take charge of the carbon footprint and take meaningful action to reduce the Carbon emissions from Earth

As a crypto airdrop is primarily designed for promotional and marketing efforts, so is YES Airdrop. You can simply register, and perform the given tasks to be eligible for the airdrop. You will be required to provide your bep20 token address on which you will receive the airdrop tokens at the end of the campaign if you are found eligible.